This candle was covered with Pewter.
The scrolls were done with the Cup and Ball #6 and outlined or cleaned with  the Teflon D-01.The lines and textures in the scrolls or leaves were done with the Refiner.
The border was done using Decorative Wheel Horizontal. The background was done with the Refiner by scratching lines/squiggles on the metal.
I added Pewter Patina to give it an antique look.  I filled the back of the embossed areas with the Filling Paste.

Tip: To make sure that Pewter adheres to the candle (wax can be tricky sometimes) and besides the regular rubber cement or double side tape you use, place some tiny pins or nails at the union of the metal.Due to their silver color, they will be easily camouflaged.

5 15 11 Candle
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