Express Metal Embossing

If you want to create a unique  metal embossing project that is both hand made and easy to do, you cannot go wrong using STENCILS.
Metal Embossing with stencils gives you an endless array of designs to choose form.  It’s super easy to do as you you don’t need to know much about the embossing techniques and  your projects will look amazing!! ( and not machine made as when using embossing folders and machines).

2013 07 08 Express Metal Embossing1

Metal Tag
Supplies used: Navy blue aluminum, Dreamweaver Nautilus stencil LS04
Background:  Wiggly Squares stencil  27-00130-RSC. Nautilus inner design: i-Stencils Paper Clip stencil BAM2029
Tools:MercArt’s Metal embossing Basic kit, Fiber glass tool, sanding block  and paper stump
2013 07 08 Express Metal Embossing2
Medium Blue aluminum and Dreamweaver stencil Bird LL594
Background stencil: TCW382  Garden Gate.  Bird texture: Modern stencil 27-00093-RSC
Tools: Basic kit, paper stump, sanding block  and Diagonal decorative wheel #01
Backing paste to fill the back of the embossed bird.
2013 07 08 Express Metal Embossing3
Navy blue aluminum with Dreamweaver Pear stencil LL563
Backgrounds: TCW143 Zinnia stencil and Stone wall  Stencil 27-00095-RSC
Pear texture: Morse code stencil BAM2013
Tools:Metal Embossing Basic kit, Decorative diagonal wheel #01, paper stump and  sanding block.
Backing paste to fill the back of the embossed pear.