I just came back from a 3 day trip to Mexico, where I had some meetings with my mom, founder of MercArt Mexico. I’m always impressed by the amazing technique quality of our staff of teachers there and by the huge size of some of their projects!!  I’ll try to post some of them soon.
3 26 11 Icon

In the meantime, this is one of my favorite Icons (actually it has been part of my website’s  “Home” page since the beginning).
Icons and Metal Embossing have been linked for ages. You can find Icons from past centuries done like the sample shown here.  Most of the time,  faces and hands were painted on canvas or wood while the rest was covered with Embosed Metal.
This particular piece was done in Pewter.  The Madonna and Child were painted on wood with the traditional Tempera technique. The background was covered with Gold Leaf (Gilding).

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