NEW Dreamweaver Stencils

We are glad to inform you that we now carry Dreamweaver Stencils. Stencils are the easiest and fastest way of doing Metal Embossing. They are ideal for cards, embellishments and any small and easy to do project!

3 1 11 NEW Dreamweaver Stencils

Stencils can be used with any metal, but Colored Aluminum seems to be the perfect match. In this case I used  Standing Angel LL578 stencil  and  MercArt’s Navy Blue Aluminum plus the following:

*Teflon D-01 or D-04
*Dash Wheel (texture in the skirt)
*Crown Stamping Tool (3 flower petals)
*Cup and Ball #2 (flower’s centers and wing’s dots)
*Small Star with Center Stamping Tool  (5 small skirt’s stars)
*Refiner (wing’s textures)
*Diagonal Decorative Wheel (upper robe texture)
*Regular and Medium Star Stamping Tool  (stars in the sky)
*Big Wheel (border dots)
*Paper Stump #4
*The cloud texture was given with the LJ863 Swirls Stencil.  Just rub with a paper stump the front of the aluminum against the stencil to get the texture.
When you finish,  remove the color with a (manicure)sanding block. Use the Fiber Glass Tool or the Brass Brush to remove it in small or detailed areas, just as I did in the Angel’s face, hair and part of her robe.

Patrice Sigmon was February’s Giveaway winner!
We will send her a Combo Set of Metals 6″ x 6″ with 2 sheets of each: Pewter, Copper and Aluminum and
One Basic Kit with 4 Double Tools
Patrice please send us your address so we can mail you this price asap!