Premium Metal Embossing Tools

One of the things that we are really proud of is the high quality of our Metal Embossing Tools. They were the first to be sold in America and the ones with the widest variety and, by far, the best quality.
2012 07 04 Premium Metal Embossing Tools1
2012 07 04 Premium Metal Embossing Tools2
2012 07 04 Premium Metal Embossing Tools3
2012 07 04 Premium Metal Embossing Tools4
If you have used our tools, you know how professional and good looking they are; how good it feels to hold the metal handle and let the tool flow easily on the metal.
If you haven’t tried them I invite you to do so and see why they are considered the best in the world! (in the words of artists from Japan, Argentina, Europe, South Africa, Mexico and the US).
We have been selling only the best products for the Finest Crafts since 1970 and our tools are a perfect example of such dedication.
If you want a plastic tool that just does the job, we also have it (our “Blue Line”). However  if you, like many other fine artists and crafters, enjoy working with the best and appreciate the characteristics of a really professional tool, then our premium line is certainly for you!
Let your beautiful projects be created with a beautiful tool.