Technique vs Machines

Usually people think of religious Icons when we talk about the human figure in Metal Embossing. With this portrait in pewter I wanted to show you one of the many other ways in which you can create most anything on metal, specially if you do it on Pewter which is , as I always say, the “Rolls Royce of metals for hand embossing”.

2013 02 05 Technique vs Machines1

Pewter is so soft and malleable that you can create the volume, dimension and textures you desire while working with the only metal that has the richness, color and shine of silver without its price.
Join me in any of our Intensive 2 day workshops and learn the techniques of the traditional Metal Embossing (Repujado).  These techniques will give you a solid foundation to emboss anything you want in any metal you use: pewter, silver, copper or aluminum.
Knowing the techniques allow you to emboss anything, from the simplest card or embellisment using embossing plates, stamps or stencils to the most challenging and museum-like pieces.
Don’t limit yourself  and your creativity to just what an embossing folder or machine can do!!!

2013 02 05 Technique vs Machines2


Only a very soft and fine metal as pewter allows you tho create the high dimension achieved in this Art Nouveau project.
2013 02 05 Technique vs Machines3
Another example of what can be done knowing the techniques of Metal Embossing; hardly something that can be done running an embossing folder through a machine…