Fish Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamps are another source of designs for your projects.I did this in Pewter based on a Magenta stamp.  You can  use washable ink and stamp it directly on the metal. Then you will trace the main outline with the stylus or Teflon tool and wipe out the ink. (You  can also stamp the design on paper and trace it with the stylus on the metal). You can use decorative scissors to cut the metal.

2 26 11 Fish Rubber Stamp

MercArt’s tools I used were: *Teflon D-01 or Teflon D-04

*Cup and Ball #1 (eyes and tiny dots)
*Paper Stump #4
*Big Wheel (border dots)
*Refiner (for the background squiggles)
* 4 Needles Tool (fin’s textures)
*Micro Wheel (head’s texture)
*Assorted Decorative Wheels: Dash Wheel, Points with gap and Diagonal.
*Filling Paste

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